Bulk Botanicals for DIY Events

Love is love!  All couples are welcome at our farm.


Although we do not currently accommodate full-service weddings, we love offering bulk buckets of flowers to our customers.  These are perfect for crafty couples who are looking for an economical and sustainable choice for their wedding flowers or for people who are designing smaller events like bridal showers, baby showers, office parties, etc.  For weddings, we typically need a few months notice prior to the event to adjust our crop plan accordingly, but we often have enough blooms in the field to accommodate a wedding with less notice.  We will help you estimate the number of stems you need for your bulk order to fit your vision.  Our blooms are seasonal, so we cannot guarantee specific cultivars, colors, or sizes until the weeks leading up to your event.  We do our best to grow a mix of colors and textures that work beautifully together, and we find so much design inspiration when we walk through the flower fields each week.  Fill out our Floral Request Form and let's get started!

Grower's Choice Bucket: $95.  Contains approximately 80 stems.  Grower's choice of flowers, colors, and textures.  Flowers are cut two days before your event. Buckets are a great, affordable way to get the very best of each season and are best suited for a natural design style.  *This option is typically only available from July through September.  Greenery and grasses are not included in buckets and are sold by the bunch.


Bunches of 10

Seasonal Greenery: $8

Seasonal Grasses: $5

Premium Blooms by the Stem

Daffodils/Narcissus (mid April-May): $1

Tulips (May): $2

Lilac (May): <24" $2, >24" $3

Ranunculus (late May-June): $2

Peonies (mid June): $4

Lisianthus (mid July-late August): $1.5

Gladiolus (mid July-late September): $2
Formosa Lily (August-September): $4

Dahlias: (August-early October): $2-5

ProCut Sunflowers (August-early October): $2

More Information

Bucket orders are farm pick up only.  Pick up is available either one or two days before your event (i.e. Thursday or Friday only for Saturday events).  Please make sure your vehicle can accommodate the number of buckets you've ordered and that the vehicle is air conditioned.

We recommend buying a bunch of flowers (from us, another farmer, or the grocery store) or foraging for wildflowers to practice making your centerpieces and bouquets.  This can help you get a sense for how many flowers you would need in order to create what you desire.  Everyone has different preferences when it comes to fullness.

Flowers should be kept in a cool, dark place until a few hours prior to your event.  Keep them out of direct sunlight.  For most people, storing them in a cool basement is sufficient.  Wait until the last minute to put them out.


Keep in mind it can take hours to a full day to create your flowers so allow yourself time, delegate it to a friend, or even include the arranging in your bachelor(ette) festivities.  Before arranging, give each flower a fresh snip at the bottom of the stem to help them drink more water.  Use cool, clean water.  Never allow leaves to touch the water.  Fill vases half to three-quarters full.  Replace the water every day.  They should last up to four days with proper care.

If your venue has a cooler onsite for floral arrangements make sure that it is no less than 42 degrees to prevent the blooms from freezing. Larger coolers often take a day to adjust to temperature.

Not all flowers are suitable for out of water design such as boutonnieres . Please ask which flowers will work best upon pick up.