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Pastured Poultry Eggs

In nature, birds instinctually follow the ruminants like deer, bison, and elk who graze on the native grasses.  The birds scratch through the soil and manure, eat bugs, sanitize the pasture, and further fertilizer the soil and build organic matter.  It's such a simple system that works perfectly, and that's why we strive to recreate this on our farm.  The photos above don't have any filters; the yolks are naturally such a rich, goldenrod, nearly-orange color because our hens have the pleasure of eating their natural diet for their entire lives.  Chickens are naturally omnivores.  On pasture, they get the opportunity to scratch and dig, forage for delicious bugs and worms, and snack on fallen fruits and nutritious herbs.  Our birds are supplemented with a certified organic feed.  

As we establish the mixed orchard at the new farm site, we will move our hens to a mobile coop in the rows of the orchard so that they can enjoy a fresh piece of pasture every few days.  Rotational management such as this will prevent over-grazing and over-scratching and reduce the risk of illness in the flock.


*Please note that we are taking a break from egg sales until further notice.

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