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Market-Style Wrapped Bouquets

Flowers may very well be a luxury item but we believe that everyone deserves to have flowers on their kitchen table.  I have yet to meet someone who can resist sticking their nose right into the center of a bouquet when they pick it up.  As a grower, nothing beats the look on a customer's face as they close their eyes and inhale the fragrance of fresh flowers.  I've always felt that the look and scent of flowers can evoke our memories.  In fact, a study from Rutgers University linked the presence of fresh flowers in the home to increased feelings of happiness, an involuntary and true expression of smiles and excitement, and an increase in social contact with others.  

We are happy to offer these small, casual bouquets for $15 as an add-on to our weekly farmer's choice produce boxes.  They are made of whatever is most abundant on harvest day, often our more budget-friendly (but beautiful nonetheless) flowers and foliage but also any unclaimed premium blooms like peonies, sunflowers, and dahlias when they are available.

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