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Wedding Season + Farm Stay

This year I have fallen even more in love with cut flowers. I have only a month and a half to go before I design my first ever wedding floral, and I'm so excited and nervous! I'm looking forward to the bride's selection of casual bouquets with sunflowers, zinnias, and Queen Anne's Lace. Extras will be available at roadside.

In the meantime, I'm swimming in these absolutely stunning everlasting peas; they begin at this hot pink and fade slowly to periwinkle, then to a mix of white and blue, and finally their little pea pods emerge as the petals fall. They have made for some whimsical bouquets as I like to combine the unopened buds with flowers and pods at all stages. These would make for a perfect single-variety wedding bouquet, so if you need some floral at the last minute give us a call!

This is such a beautiful season: peppers are changing colors, tomatoes are ripening, corn cobs are emerging, melons and watermelons are growing quickly. I like to enjoy all of the cuisine changes through the year but I look forward to this every year because it is so colorful and abundant. I have so much gratitude to live this lifestyle.

We have recently started to host visitors for farm stays and I have to say that I'm really loving it. The educator in me is so delighted to discuss sustainable agriculture with eager learners. We've been cooking breakfast for our guests, too, and it has been fun to come up with delicious ways to include vegetables in that important first meal. But as always, I'm reminded that the work we do is so important to our community. After all, everyone needs to eat.

One last note: the new girls have started to lay their precious little pullet eggs! This means egg shares are on the horizon. First come, first serve!

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