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Mother's Day: The Unofficial Start of Local Flower Season

Mother's Day is one of the biggest flower holidays of the year and typically marks a kickoff for our main cut flower season on the farm. A staggering 80% of cut flowers sold in the United States are imported, but fortunately there is a boom in interest in organically-grown flowers due to a combination of increased awareness of the conditions in which imported flowers are grown (especially to farm workers), a flower shortage due to COVID-19, and a surge of folks who want to support their local economy instead of big businesses. When you purchase flowers from our farm, your blooms have been nurtured from field to table and were raised organically (certified or not). Ley Creek Farm is completely spray-free so you can be certain that you are supporting a product that has not only improved the microbiology of the soil in which it was grown but also served as crucial pollinator habitat. Aside from the environmental benefits, it is more important than ever to support small businesses in your community in our current climate. We hope that you'll think of our farm for a clutter-free gift for your loved ones on this major flower-giving holiday!

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