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About Ley Creek Farm

Ley Creek Farm was started in 2015 when we gave up city living for our dream home in the country.  Our farm, situated on just under 6 acres, is named for the Ley Creek, which wraps around a large portion of our property.  The tree in our logo represents the beautiful, resilient willow that sits at the center of our land aside the creek.  We practice biointensive production, essentially meaning that we try to grow as much food as we can on the least possible amount of land.  Although we are not certified, we exclusively practice organic farming methods.  Our farm relies on natural practices such as crop rotation, intercropping, and cover crops for pest management and soil health.  

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I am so grateful to be your farmer! I started my professional life as a musician and music teacher, later transitioned to a career as a literacy teacher, and now stay home with our two young children. There was a lot I loved about teaching, but each day I found my body and mind craving more active, tangible, physical work. Staying home with my babies has given me the freedom to make farming a career, and farming has allowed me to contribute financially to our family while mothering full-time.

My parents raised my older sisters and me out in nature, growing and preserving a lot of our own food and learning to appreciate that good food is worth the wait. I hope that my girls learn the same values as they grow up on our farm.

Meet Your Farmer
Our Mission

The purpose of Ley Creek Farm is to produce outstanding local goods for our customers in sufficient quantity to provide a good living and a good life for our family.  We believe that the farm is an incredible environment for raising children, and we desire to grow an environmentally sustainable operation that will provide our children with skills that will benefit them within the realm of agriculture and beyond.


We feel that we are responsible for growing fresh food and flowers of the highest quality without the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, or bioengineering.  By growing on a small, local scale, we have taken an active role in maintaining food security in our local community and in boosting the local economy.  Education is a priority at Ley Creek Farm, and we have an interest in collaborating with families and local schools to teach children about agriculture, food systems, and nutrition.


In addition to growing for our family farm stand, we also maintain a small floral design studio.  Ley Creek Farm welcomes partnerships with restaurants and florists in our region.

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