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Happy New Year!

Believe it or not the 2018 season is creeping up on us already. One thing I love so much about farming the way we do is that from about Thanksgiving to New Year’s I’m able to truly focus on my family and enjoy the holidays without any distractions. Once those seed catalogs arrive, though, I’m so refreshed and ready to dig in.

All of our seeds for 2018 are in our hands and organized. Special thanks to Johnny’s Selected Seeds, Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, and Adaptive Seeds for providing such high quality seed! Our planting begins on March 5th this year, which means you can anticipate some very early harvests as soon as late April. There are some returning favorite varieties as well as some colorful, exciting new ones to look forward to.

We’ve spent this past weekend creating a rough schedule of the crops you can expect to see in your share and/or at the farmstand throughout the year. You can find it under the "Our Products" tab on our homepage.

Last fall we did some preparation for expansion of the vegetable plots. This is going to give us so much more space for growing food for your families. I’m always in awe of the amount of food you can grow in a biointensive farming system!

I’m so thrilled to be growing my first special order cutflowers for a September wedding. This is a huge milestone for our farm! I’ve always gotten a lot of joy from flowers and it’s making me wonder if I may have an interest in digging deeper into that business venture. But, I’m only human and I have an extremely energetic toddler to consider before I make any promises on that front! Anyway, you’ll be seeing lots of sunflowers, zinnias, nigella, and strawflower in our farmstand bouquets starting in August and running through October.

Thank you so much in advance for your continued support of our farm. We so look forward to helping your family eat beautiful food in 2018!

With love,

The Jabot Family

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