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CSAs aren't for everyone (and that's okay)!

Our farm doesn't offer a traditional CSA at this time, but demand for
CSAs and farm-to-door produce box deliveries is higher than ever.  
Before ordering from our farm or any other, we recommend you take
a moment to read this quick guide below!


You may like being part of a CSA if:

  • you enjoy cooking

  • you like to eat healthful foods or want to eat them more often

  • you have some time (20-30 minutes each night or a few hours each weekend)
    to commit to meal preparation

  • you don’t travel more than a few times during the summer months

  • you are interested in learning about unfamiliar foods

A CSA may not be right for you and your family if:

  • you prefer to stick to the same vegetables and fruits each week

  • you travel frequently during the summer

  • you eat out three or more nights each week

  • your schedule makes it difficult to commit time to meal preparation

CSA membership isn't a good fit for every family.

When a CSA is not a good fit, it can result in frustrated customers and increased food waste.  For families that are not adventurous eaters but want to choose fresh, locally grown produce each week or for families who want to support a local farm but travel too often to make use of a CSA, we recommend that you visit your local farmer's market.  The farmer's market is a great way to develop a sense of seasonal food in your region, and during your visit your local farmers will be more than willing to chat with you and answer any questions you may have.  If you think a CSA is a great fit for your family but you're nervous to cook new foods, let us know!  We're always happy to chat with our customers about meal ideas and kitchen inspiration.

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