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I love rain!!

And when I say love, I mean more than love! We had a forecast change that gave us a mild day of consistent spring rain on Tuesday instead of the dry sun that was originally called for. Ask anyone who has ever had a garden and they'll tell you that the morning after a rain there is a boom in growth. That certainly happened, as yesterday we had the first pole and bush beans, cucumbers, and corn pop out of the soil. Today, the first pumpkin emerged as well. Rain. Is. Good.

The lilacs are about halfway open on each cluster, and the smell is exceptional. I made bouquets with a mix of the three kinds we offer and gave them away to friends. I am loaded with the lavender blooms and still have just a few white and burgundy left. $2/stem for lavender (unknown cultivar), $2.50 for the burgundy (Charles Joly) and white (Madame Lemoine) as they are more difficult to come by. I will have just-lavender lilac bouquets available for $12 (7-8 stems). That's 40% off if you buy a bouquet instead of single stems, which I'm not certain is good business for my end (since I'm giving a discount despite the additional labor of arranging...) but I truly get a lot of joy from arranging flowers anyway. They'll make your home smell so fresh and sweet.

We're really on a roll, finally. Hope to see you at the farm soon!

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