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Winter Updates

Farmer Chris getting in some good winter exercise

I don't know about you but I have been enjoying a break from the physical labor of the main season! We're just a few weeks away from getting seedlings started and it seems like a good time for a few farm updates.

This year we are going to expand our annual field by about 800 square feet. It doesn't sound like much, but when you grow as intensively as we do it makes a big difference. That being said, due to some changes in our family, we're going to offer a limited variety of vegetables and flowers this year. Here are some things you can expect:

Spring: eggs, rhubarb, baby greens, radishes, snap peas, daffodils, lilac, honeyberries*

Summer: eggs, baby greens, kale, carrots, beets, beans, zucchini, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, various herbs, zinnia, sunflower, dahlia, snapdragon, everlasting pea, red currant, cherry*

Fall: eggs, baby greens, kale, cabbage, carrots, beets, radishes, delicata squash, butternut squash, sunchoke, sunflower, aronia berry, elderberry, apple*

We are already almost out of egg shares for the year, for which we are super excited and grateful! All spring, fall, and full-season shares are SOLD OUT. At this time we only have two more summer shares available. Summer shares will run for 10 weeks from June 24th through August 26th. Eggs can be picked up here on the farm, although there is a possibility of a drop-point in Solvay. More info here: . Any excess eggs will be sold a la carte at the farmstand with seasonal produce and flowers.

Cut flowers! I adore growing vegetables but I have to admit that I'm just itching to see those first marsh marigolds and daffodils in April. We're going to grow more flowers than ever, mostly just for market-style bouquets at the farmstand. However, we are still available to do a few weddings. This season we're going to offer wedding/event flowers in bulk, by-the-bucket. It's the perfect, affordable option for couples on a budget. If you know anyone having a wedding shower, baby shower, or wedding in May, September, or October, feel free to send them our way!

We're counting down to the start of the season! See you in the spring.

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