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Fresh Sheet for the Week of 5/25/20

Updated: May 24, 2020

Thanks for your patience as we try this system out of the first time! It's so exciting but also makes me a little nervous as I want everything to go smoothly. It has been hard to adjust to the sudden and drastic changes in market since March. We went into 2020 with big plans to connect with restaurants to sell our salad veggies and to expand our cut flower offerings and subsequently my front porch floral studio. As you know, the entertainment industry tanked and we had to think fast.

Email subscribers will always get first dibs and receive our inventory first. It will be sent out on Sundays. Anything unclaimed by Monday morning will get posted on social media. Everything is first come first serve. There will be an order form in the email. Let me know if I missed any important info or if you have any questions! And don't forget to check out our new page where we offer our tips for preparing and storing your farm-fresh produce, which may be a little different than what you're used to doing with grocery produce.

This week's "Farmer's Choice Box" is $20. We have four available. Included will be:

*1 bunch of rhubarb (the leaves are poisonous, so please discard or compost)

*1 bunch of wild chives (all parts of the plant are edible including the flowers)

*1 bunch of small French Breakfast-type radishes 

*1 bunch of lemon balm

*1 bunch of oregano

*1 pint of garden salsa

*1 clamshell of living broccoli microgreens (not pictured)

We're going to try out a couple of add-ons this week as well!

Bread of the Week. This week we are offering a naturally leavened sourdough focaccia with fresh herbs, garlic, and sun-dried tomatoes from our farm. Prepared in a kitchen that also processes soy, peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, dairy. $3

Market-Style Bouquet. This week's bouquet will be include about 10 stems of super fragrant lilac, one or more colors based on availability. Wrapped and tied with a water source. Lilacs are an excellent cut flower with the right conditions; expect about 5 days of vase life with daily fresh water. $10.80 ($10 for the bouquet + 8% sales tax)

Chicken Eggs. Over the last week and a half we have lost some chickens to old age, a hawk attack, and a raccoon attack. The timing is terrible as almost every new customer we have has been looking for naturally-raised chicken eggs. That being said, we will still have a few dozen each week. $3/doz, $1.5/half doz

The cost to purchase everything in the main photograph (plus the microgreen clamshell) is $36.80.

Thanks again for hanging in there with us and supporting us. It was supposed to be our biggest year yet, and while it still is in many ways, it isn't what we had crop-planned for. We are so appreciative to all of our customers new and old who have decided to join us on our journey this season. Small businesses are more grateful for your patronage than you could ever know!

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